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Revolutionizing healthcare, Trisco pioneers comprehensive solutions across various domains. From empowering home health care with convenience and efficiency to ensuring the precision of intricate surgeries through their operating room solutions, Trisco's commitment to holistic healthcare remains unparalleled. Their advanced dental and surgical equipment redefines standards, while their respiratory devices prioritize patient comfort and well-being. Recognizing the critical role of rehabilitation, Trisco offers tailored equipment to facilitate effective recovery. Additionally, their thoughtfully designed hospital furniture amalgamates functionality and comfort, promoting a conducive environment for patient well-being and recovery. With an unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life globally, Trisco continues to lead the way in transforming healthcare standards, setting a benchmark for innovation and excellence.

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Medical Furniture

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Monitoring Devices

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Home Care

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Covid Care

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Respiratory Care

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Trisco is well renowned supplier of Medical Furniture, Dental Care, Mobility Aids, Monitoring Devices, ... Check out our Featured Products for special values!

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Best Selling Products

Medical Oxygen Cylinder | Portable Oxygen Kit | Portable Oxygen Kit for Home | Oxygen Kit with Trolley | Oxygen Cylinder kit for home use | Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder | Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder Kit | Jumbo Cylinder Kit with Trolley

Oxygen Concentrators & Accessories

Oxygen Concentrator Philips Respironics EverFlow | Oxygen Concentrator Machine | OxyMed Oxygen Concentrator for Home | Oxygen Concentrator 10ltr | Portable Oxygen Concentrator | POCT Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM 

Oxygen Cylinders

Medical Oxygen Cylinder | Portable Oxygen Kit |  Portable Oxygen Kit for Home | Oxygen Kit with Trolley | Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder | Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder Kit | Jumbo Cylinder Kit with Trolley

Oxygen Therapy Accessories

Oxygen Face Mask (Adult) | Oxygen Face Mask (Paediatric) | Oxygen Nasal Canula with 5mtr. tube 

Mobility Aids

Walking Sticks | Walker | Wheelchairs | Folding Walking Sticks | Foldable Walking Sticks | Walking Stick with Seat | Quadruped walking stick| Walking Stick - Tripod L Shape

Wheel Chairs

Motorized Wheel Chair | Wheelchair Child Fold able 

Cardiac Care

Wrist BP Apparatus | Lungs Exercisers  

Diabetic Care

Glucometer Strips 

Monitoring and Testing Devices

Omron B P Apparatus Wrist HEM 6121 |  Wrist BP Apparatus 

COPD Respiratory Care

CPAP TUBE 180 CM | Cpap Nasal Mask | CPAP Full Face Mask  | Head Gear For CPAP/BIPAP Mask | ComfortGel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear