Medi-Move - Motorized Folding Wheelchair

Description:  Attractive Design with Comfortable Seating Aluminium Alloy Tubular Framework with Hard Anodizing Front Wheel. Technical Details:

  • Motor : 2 x 180W brush motor
  • Drive Type : RWD
  • Battery : 24V 17AH x 1PC Lithium Ion battery 
  • Charger : DC24V/2.0A
  • Brake Type : Magnetic Brake
  • Max Speed : 6 km/hr
  • Travel Distance : ≥15 km
  • Weight Capacity : 125 kg
  • Net/Gross Weight : 35/38 kg

Dr Trust USA Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer 604

Dr Trust USA Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer 604 is a fast, accurate and easy to use thermometer, that helps you know the temperature in a few seconds.  

Uses: It helps to measure the temperature by putting in the mouth for a few seconds.  

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucometer Kit (Box of 10 Test strips Free)

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucometer Kit (Box of 10 Test strips Free) is an easy to use system that comprises powerful features like accurate blood glucose measurement, pre-and post-meal reminders, visual double-check, and two-button intuitive handling. It is suitable for self-testing.  Uses: It helps to monitor the blood glucose level.

Onetouch Select Plus Simple with 10 Free Strips

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer with 10 Free Strips is a blood glucose monitoring system. OneTouch® Select Plus Simple® meter system. Simple to use, accurate and virtually pain-free. OneTouch® is the #1 recommended brand by diabetologists in India*  (*In a survey conducted in India in 2020 with 150 diabetologists)  Uses: It helps to monitor the blood glucose level thus keeps diabetes and related issues in check.

Scala Series (L 3401)

ICU - Critical Care Bed 

Product Description: 

  • Mattress platform is four section, three cranks with integrated plastic two-ply surface and strengthened chassis.
  • Backrest, knee raise, hi-low and trend/rev. tend adjustments are electricity. 
  • Four segmented plastic sideboards.
  • Position can be adjusted and be locked through ACP by nurse.
  • Three-functional positioning control accessible to the patient.
  • Detachable head and foot boards.
  • Washable and disinfectable.
  • Airflow capability under the mattress.
  • CPR handle on two sides for flattening backrest rapidly.
  • Backup battery.
  • Four castors with central/ directional brakes.
  • Foot section is adjustable by means of rack device.
  • Four rubber bumpers at each corner.

Main power supply : 220V-50Hz, 24DC.

Max power input : 500watt.

Electrical current protection : Class2

Electrical shock position : Type B.

Duty Cycle : 10%

Dust proof & water resistant : IP66 

Castia Series (D3101)

Castia Series (D3101) Delivery Bed

Product Description:

  • One crank 
  • Backrest, Hi-Low and Trend/ Rev. Trend adjustments are electrically 
  •  Two segmented plastic sideboards 
  • Three - functional positioning control accessible to the patient 
  • Holder for squatting position 
  • Leg section can be placed under backrest for lithotomic positions (11positions) 
  • Pull out and removable stainless-steel bowl (10 litres) 
  • Hand grip on both sides 
  • Detachable head/ footboards 
  • Washable and disinfectable 
  • Backup battery 
  • Three section detachable mattress 
  • Four castors with central/directional brakes 
  • Four rubber bumpers 
  • ABS cover for covering required parts